IRHS Track and Field

Athlete Season Point Totals

Click on the link below to see how many points each athlete has earned for the team this year.


Welcome 2014 IRHS Track and Field Athletes and Parents!

The coaching staff is very pleased with our initial turn out, and we look forward to making this season a positive experience for all our athletes.  Please feel free to contact Coach Forrest or your event coach with any questions or concerns.  Scroll down to find our coaches contact information.  We will be updating the website throughout the year, so please bookmark it and check back often. 

Parents Corner- Click the links for important info

 Rules.doc- Click on this link to pull up the 2014 IRHS Track and Field Rules.  All athletes and parents are expected to read and sign the rules.  Athletes need to return them to their event coaches before the second week of practice.

 Transportation form.pdf-  All athletes are expected ride on the team bus to the meet, and back to the school.  If an athlete has a situation where they must be picked up by a parent after they are done with their events, they should give this signed form to their event coach before we leave for the meet.  Remember that leaving with a parent or guardian is an exception, not a rule.  For that reason, athletes are not allowed to fill out one sheet for the entire season.  A separate signed sheet must be given to their coach each meet they will leave with a parent or guardian.

spring schedule 2014.xls- It is very important that all athletes and parents go over schedule.  All athletes need to notify their coaches as soon as possible if they will be out of town for any of our meets.  This information will allow coaches to make appropriate changes to our entries for that meet.  Short of an extreme emergency or injury, it is an absolute must that all varsity athletes compete in the state meet if they have qualified.  An athlete will lose their varsity letter if they choose to do something else instead of competing at state.

2014 Qualifying Standards -  This link shows athletes what marks they need to hit to qualify for state in division 1.  An automatic qualifying time ensures an athlete will get to compete at state.  After the automatic qualifying times have been taken they will take the top provisional times to round out the field.


Tax Credit- Click here for the form to make a tax credit donation.


Coaches Contact Info

Coach Forrest - distance -     Ph# 498-0817/668/8334 (C)   (

Coach Clouse- Sprints-           Ph#  407-4150/609-2924 (C)            (

Coach Bedford- Hurdles-         876-0960 (C)

Coach Drain- Jumps-               Ph# 235-8838 (C)

Coach Helu - Throws-               409-3153 (C)

Practice times

All athletes are expected to be on the track and dressed out by 3:50 on regular school days.  The average practice will finish at 5:30.  The earliest we will finish will be at 5:00 and most all practices are done before 6:00.  The distance runners practice at Lambert Park early on Saturday mornings.